Crossfit Body & Soul

CrossFit Body&Soul is a World-Class CrossFit facility located on Body&Soul's fitness campus. This is the energizing group interval fitness concept that has swept the nation! CrossFit Body & Soul is truly a one-of-a-kind workout broken into intervals of cardiovascular, strength training and body weight using a variety of equipment including running, rowing machines, Kettlebells and free weights to tone your body and gain energy throughout the day.

FRIDAY 4.5.19


4 Sets:

15 Weighted Ring Push Up (Neutral Grip,Feet Elevated)

15 Barbell Bent Over Row (Supinated Grip)

*As Heavy As Possible For Unbroken Sets. Place A Plate On Back During Push Ups. Elevate Feet To Allow Body To Be Parallel To The Ground. 

3 Rounds For Time:

400 Meter Run

20 Single Arm DB Power Cleans (45,30) RX+(50,35)

20 Single Arm DB Thruster (45,30) RX+(50,35)

20 Single Arm DB Alternating Walking Lunge (45,30) RX+(50,35)

*Cleans/Thrusters/Lunges Must Be 10 CONSECUTIVE Reps On Each Arm. 

*During Cleans, Only One Head Of The Dumbbell Needs To Touch The Ground. Rep Is Complete Once The DB Touches The Top Of The Shoulder. 

3183 SW 38th Court, Miami, FL 33146